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Local Milford History - River Crest Farm

The Downtown Milford Farmers Market is proud to have Local Milford River Crest Farm back for the 2018 Season.

The History of River Crest Farm

Today you can find vegetables, flower and vegetable plants, Christmas trees, and more at River Crest Farm, but did you know they have been a working, family-run farm for over sixty years?

In 1942, Ralph Perry, originally from Vermont, and Irene Takacs Perry, originally from Hungary, came to River Crest Farm with their daughter, Irene "Bobby" Perry. Over the years, they cleared the land, raised vegetables and livestock, and built barns and greenhouses. Ralph Perry was well known in Devon and Stratford where he sold eggs and vegetables from the back of his truck. Irene Perry grew flowers of all kinds and sold them from the farm greenhouse. The farm gradually became more modern and eventually tractors replaced their draft horse.

Ralph Perry with his granddaughter Irene in River Crest Farm's early days

Some of the farm's fruits and vegetables were sold to N. C. Capozziello & Sons Wholesale Fruit & Produce Co. in Bridgeport.

Nick Capozziello introduced his son Leonard to the Perrys' daughter, Bobby, and they married in 1956. They built a house on the farm in 1963 and raised three children there. The small dairy herd that grazed the northwest hill was no longer economical and was replaced with a Christmas tree plantation.

Irene Takacs Perry

In the 70s, grain prices increased and Ralph Perry sold off all but a handful of the laying hens. By the time Ralph died in 1981, Mrs. Perry's flowers had become the farm's major crop. She and Bobby continued working the farm. Irene Perry died in 1991 and left the farm to her daughter, Bobby Capozziello, who had a passion for growing flowers and expanded the greenhouse business to include many unusual perennial and annual plants. When Bobby died in 2008 the farm passed to her daughter Maria Macri, who runs River Crest Farm with her husband, Andy, and their kids.

Irene "Bobby" Capozziello

Fresh vegetables once a week for 18 weeks: from the first or second week of June till the beginning of October.

Pick-up days are Monday through Friday. If you can't make it on your day, you can come the next day for a late pick-up.

Beginning mid-June with lettuces, radishes, greens and pea pods.

Mid-July, will have garlic, beets, onions, greens, and beans.

August and September there will be potatoes, onions, carrots, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

October will wind down with winter squashes, popcorn, kale, and pumpkins.

Besides the vegetables that are harvested and put in the walk-in cooler for you, there is a pick-your-own herb garden, a raspberry patch, and a flower field where you can gather a bouquet each week (flowers are usually ready by late July).

Last year, CSA members enjoyed rows of pick-your-own kale, Swiss chard, and collards, and the farm hopes to do that again this year.

Click here for more info: River Crest Farm CSA

River Crest Farm

534 Oronoque Road

Milford, CT 06461

Phone: 203-876-9786


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