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  • Greg Ferro

Sprout Kids’ Creativity at the Farmers’ Market

As a kid, I loved to let my imagination run wild. Building sculptures in the sand. Making up yard games with the neighbors. Growing veggies in the garden. Places that invited creativity were always my favorite.

Although I did not stumble upon farmers’ markets until college, I know the kid in me would have been a fan. The creative opportunities are simply abundant! Here are five ways kids can get creative at the Downtown Milford Farmers’ Market:

1] Cooking: Fresh, local produce is inspiration for aspiring chefs. Kids can choose new ingredients at the market to play with in the kitchen.

2] Drawing: Sidewalk chalk is always ripe for kids’ picking at our Market Kiosk. A blank canvas for artistic expression, we love to see our market filled with the color of kids’ imaginations.

3] Dancing: Our musicians offer fun live music every Saturday. It’s not unusual for kids to break into spontaneous dance under the sun. Sometimes they even join the band!

4] Photographing: Colorful fruits and veggies. Unique crafts. Smiling crowds. There are so many pics just waiting to be snapped by budding photographers!

5] Building: Our Kids’ Day crafts are a garden for kids to grow their own creations. This Saturday, kids can makeup fairy crowns, wands, and necklaces at Woodland Fairy Kids Day.

Take a trip to the market with a special kid in your life and watch the creativity blossom. Learn more about this Saturday’s Kid Day here:

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