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  • Greg Ferro

Localize Your Shopping Routine

Between the lazy days of summer and the relentless days of fall are a few Saturdays where the farmers’ market simply shines in

boundless offerings. August cucumbers, squash, and eggplant join the leafy greens we’ve enjoyed all summer long. The fresh corn is piled high. There are more varieties of tomatoes than one can imagine. These Saturdays of abundance can be the start to some serious culinary creativity!

During this season of plenty I center my shopping routine around making the most of all of the local flavor. Although a bit more effort than one-stop shopping at the grocery store, the journey is far more rewarding. The results are simply delicious.

Step 1: Explore the local, fresh ingredients available at the market. Talk to the farmers about what will be in-season over the next few weeks. Leave the market with colorful images of all of the offerings awaiting the chef within you.

Step 2: Hand-pick recipes and sprout your grocery list with your farmers’ market knowledge. For guidance, there are many websites and blogs that synch their recipes with the growing season. One local example is, written by Trumbull’s Stephanie Voytek.

Step 3: Start your shopping at the farmers’ market. Cross off as many items on your list as possible. At the Downtown Milford Farmers’ Market, the offerings go far beyond produce: You’ll find meats, eggs, shellfish, baked goods, pastas, even teas and coffees!

Step 4: After the market, visit your usual grocery store to fill in any gaps. Yes, it’s totally okay not to be a local perfectionist! Even localizing just a few items on your grocery list will brighten up your meals.

Step 5: Cook up some tasty dishes with your farmers’ market finds. Invite over friends and share the abundance. As you sit down to a locally sourced meal, you’ll be empowered by a sense of accomplishment. A few small changes to your shopping routine have done so much good for yourself, friends you love, and your community!

With a little time these steps simply become routine. Motivation grows from the fun of shopping at the market and indulging in the results. But do not get too comfortable: The local bounty can only last so long! Embrace it while you can at the Downtown Milford Farmers’ Market. Saturdays simply belong here, 9 to 1, 58 River Street.

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