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  • Greg Ferro

Root Your Mindful Routine in the Farmers’ Market

A scroll through Facebook is an endless merry-go-round of emotional pictures this time of year. The classic first day of school snapshots. Photos of summer vacations now past. New dorm room pics. A blend of excitement, fear, joy, and sadness - early September is a dramatic time of year. As the building morning traffic on the Merritt suggests, the slow dog days of summer are giving way to the relentless routine of fall.

Mindfulness, or one’s ability to be present in the moment, is challenged when the pace of life picks up. It’s important to stay rooted in mindful habits when emotions run high. Otherwise, we risk missing the full embrace of some awesome life experiences! A mind clouded in thought as you send a child off on her first day of school? Not okay! Fortunately, the Downtown Milford Farmers’ Market is a place to slow down and settle into a mindful routine. Enjoy these five moments just waiting for you:

1. A Little Live Music: Before becoming market master, I would often race into the farmers’ market with a whirlwind of thoughts still spinning from the work week. Hearing the soothing sounds of live music would guide me to my weekend pace. Unwind to the sounds of local musicians at the market weekly. Pick up an album and jam to a farmers’ market playlist all week long.

2. A Hint of Aromatherapy: Made from flowers, herbs, and trees, essential oils are used to ease out stress and usher in relaxation. Ally from Earth Treasures offers all-natural essential oils at the market biweekly.

3. A Touch of Massage: Release the tensions of the work week with a chair massage in the sun. Barbara from Milford’s Healthy Energy Therapeutic works her magic every-other-week at the market.

4. A Scent of Soap: Reese from Ridge Runner Soaps offers handmade bars, bath bombs, and lotions. Calming scents like Bahama Coconut and Lavender Sage refresh even the most restless thoughts. Reese is at the market weekly.

5. A Sense of Belonging: Running through the grocery store results in an average of 1 or 2 social interactions. Strolling through the farmers’ market brings 15 to 20. Petting a puppy, sharing a recipe, or chatting with a neighbor can inspire a bright weekend. A true community, your Saturday’s simply belong at the market.

As we work past the “unofficial end to summer,” take comfort in our farmers’ market season strolling on into fall. Slow down and savor this beautiful time of year with us every Saturday, 9 to 1, 58 River Street, Downtown Milford.

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