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Celebrate the 4th with Local Flare

Last week my family and I ventured to the Adirondacks for our summer vacation. Far from our farmers market and usual routines, I admittedly found myself grilling some chicken that I knew very little about. I had no idea how it was raised, who raised it, and what distance it traveled from farm to barbecue. The blandness of my cooking became apparent when another family walked by and asked where the chicken was from. The conversation was brief: I had no story to tell!

Cooking has so much more meaning when we can tell a story about what we are preparing. As we look ahead to a summery week of celebrations, it’s fun to think about the local flare that we can toss into our 4th of July festivities. Your farmers market friends will be ready with offerings at this Saturday’s market. Come create a story to serve up with your cooking!

Begin your story with Katie from Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm. Katie drives just over an hour from her family farm in Moosup, Connecticut. She offers the most delicious selection of pasture-raised meats. You’ll find juicy cuts of steak, ground beef, chicken, turkey, and quite a variety of savory sausages for your grill. A favorite of mine is the mango habanero turkey sausage – sweet with just a kick of spice.

Lars from Clover Nook Farm may offer the next part of your story. New to our market this year, Lars is a steady hand at farming. Last year he was recognized as Connecticut’s Outstanding Young Farmer! Lars travels about 15 miles to the market from his farm in Bethany, Connecticut. This week he will bring early season favorites for your 4th of July sides. Mix his lettuces, radishes, and hot house tomatoes into your salad. Flavor your dishes with his scallions and mushrooms. Lars expects to harvest his first cucumbers and squash of the summer for this week’s market. Stop by early, they will be in limited supply!

Continue your story with a visit to Scratch Baking’s stand. Lesli and her team begin baking way before sunrise at their place just around the block from the market. Their savory selection of breads, including local favorites like salted cranberry rye and honey flax, are a wonderful addition to any cookout. Stop by for a few desserts, too! There will be a variety of cookies, muffins, scones, and pastries to choose from.

When you stroll out of the market Saturday morning, you’ll have more to share than the local goodness filling your farmers market bags. You’ll have a story to tell. Your farmers market friends cannot wait to be a part of it. We’ll see you Saturday, 9 to 1, at Wasson Field in Milford! Sponsored by our neighbors, Metro Star Apartments...

Weather Forecast:

Sun and clouds. Temperatures climbing through the 70s.

Be sure to...

Take in some live music by the Sabbs Brothers.

Pause for a snack at Rita’s Pitas food truck.

Snap a selfie at our veggie wall!


Clover Nook Farm – Early season veggies.

River Crest Farm – Eggs. Early season veggies, herb plants, and flowers.

Vaiuso’s Farm – Veggie plants and flowers.

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm – Fresh eggs. A wide-variety of local meats.

Prepared Foods:

Durante’s Pasta

Elm City Cookie

Granola by Jen

Scratch Baking (and coffee!)

The Cookie Cutter

Health and Wellness:

Herbal Deva

Sabatino Chiropractic

Home Goods and Gifts:

Ally’s Earth Treasures

Blue Lily Cotton

Crystal Beetham Art

Beauty and Skincare:


Ridge Runner Soaps

Smithmade Essentials


Milford Rocks

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