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Find a New Favorite at the Farmers Market

Before managing the market, I was a market goer. Yes, you too can be a farmers market manager one day! When I would walk the market, I always had a flexible list in mind. “Salad ingredients, meat to grill, and a dessert,” for instance. I then let my curiosity guide me through the market. The fun finds I discovered along the way would checkoff my list.

As a market goer, you come to know what favorites you can usually pickup. You also realize that there are always a few unique offerings just waiting to be found. This season, our farmers market has seven new vendor tents for you to explore!

Lars and his team from Clover Nook Farm have already brought some unique favorites to our market this season. Last week I picked up their red leaf boston lettuce, early summer cucumbers, and hot house tomatoes for my salad. Their shiitake mushrooms looked perfect for my grilling plans. As I was leaving their tent, I spotted jars of homemade salsa. They’ve been on my mind ever since. This Saturday I’ll have to get the story behind the salsa from Lars...

Tynne’s Herbal Deva tent is a source of chill vibes at the market. Last week I cooled down with a glass of herbal lemonade – choosing from fun flavors like krishna blue and hibiscus dragon fruit. As I sipped lemonade, I walked about Tynne’s offerings. I was intrigued by the natural twists on classic necessities like bug spray and hand sanitizer. It’s fun to think about replacing so many conventional products with a little bit of nature!

A market stroll calls for a little treat. Julie from Elm City Cookie offers a delicious assortment of cookies to sample at the market, including fun flavors like trail mix. What’s in a trail mix cookie? Imagine oats sprinkled with seeds, dried fruits, and chocolate! Julie also has natural treats for any furry friends who may accompany you on your market stroll.

This Saturday, relax to the soft sounds of Stephen Bennett, cool down with a glass of herbal lemonade, and peruse the offerings of our seven new tents this season. You just may find a new favorite! Saturday, 9 to 1, Wasson Field. Sponsored by our next door neighbors, Metro Star apartments...

Saturday, July 6th

Mostly cloudy, but it looks like the rain will hold off until after close. Temperatures on either side of 80.

Be sure to...

Visit our new tents this season: Clover Nook Farm, Herbal Deva, Granola by Jen, The Cookie Cutter, Elm City Cookie, and Crystal Beetham Art!

Enjoy live music by Stephen Bennett.

Treat yourself to a message by Barbara from Healthy Energy Therapeutic.


Clover Nook Farm – Lars’ veggie offerings are growing. Stop favorites include a variety of lettuces, radishes, mushrooms, and hot house tomatoes.

River Crest Farm – The Macri family’s veggie offerings are growing, too! Checkout their sugar snap peas, garlic, scallions, and kohlrabi.

Vaiuso’s Farm – Chris will have his first produce of the season, including cucumbers and squash!

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm – Fresh eggs. A wide-variety of local meats for your summer cookouts.

Prepared Foods:

Elm City Cookie (and dog treats!)

Granola by Jen

Scratch Baking (and coffee!)

The Cookie Cutter

Health and Wellness:

Herbal Deva

Sabatino Chiropractic

Home Goods and Gifts:

Blue Lily Cotton

Crystal Beetham Art

Stefanie’s Clips

Beauty and Skincare:

Ridge Runner Soaps


Bead by Bead

Milford Rocks

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