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The Farmers’ Favorites

Veggies were piled high as the market opened last Saturday. Boxes of basil. Bushels of zucchini. Corn on the cob picked fresh just a few hours prior. The sight was beautiful. I thought back to the Saturdays of June when the produce tables were much smaller. Since then the farmers have been blessed with good growing weather. A remarkable summer harvest is underway. Tis’ the season to pick up our favorites at the farmers market!

So what veggies rank favorite among the farmers? When I asked Lars from Clover Nook Farm, he thought for a few moments as he glanced at the selection under his tent. A little smile appeared when his eyes met the peppers – he likes to sauté them with his onions and sausage. Any special secrets to the dish? “Nah,” said Lars, “it’s all about simplicity...that’s my style.”

Lars from Clover Nook Farm

Chris from Vaiuso Farms gave the question a good thought before deciding on oakleaf lettuce. Every Saturday Chris offers five varieties of lettuce at just $2 a head. Why does oakleaf earn the blue ribbon? “Crunch you can get anywhere,” explained Chris. “Oakleaf has a different, softer texture that you can only get with this season.”

Chris and the Vauiso Farm crew.

“I love eggplant” beamed Andy from River Crest Farm as soon as I asked him for his favorite. “I love it fried, I love it on pizza, I just love eggplant.” He quickly mentioned a second favorite: tomatoes. “Tomatoes are just wonderful in the summer...but the eggplant...I just love it and I don’t know why it’s not more popular.”

Andy and his favorite eggplant.

If there’s a theme among the farmers’ favorites, its simplicity. Peppers, onions, lettuce, eggplant, tomatoes; there’s nothing too wild on the list! Simplicity is the beauty of locally grown produce. The veggies have so much flavor - there’s no need for complicated ingredients or recipes. A veggie grown a few miles from home can make the most basic of dishes delectable.

This Saturday be sure to stock up on your favorites; the market will be closed next Saturday, August 17th, for Oysterfest. Please also note that Scratch Baking will not be at the market this Saturday. They will be back, along with all of your farmers’ market friends, on Saturday, August 24th.

Saturday, August 10th

Sun and clouds. Very comfortable with temperatures in the 70s.

Live music by One Guitar One Bum.

18 farms and vendors.


Clover Nook Farm (fruits and veggies)

River Crest Farm (flowers, duck eggs, and veggies)

Vaiuso Farm (flowers and veggies)

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm (pasture-raised meats)

Prepared Foods:


Durante’s Pasta

Elm City Cookie

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Herbal Deva

Sabatino Chiropractic

Wendy’s Wellness

Your CBD Store

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Ally’s Earth Treasures

Blue Lily Cotton

Crystal Beetham Art

Stefanie’s Clips

Usborne Books

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Ridge Runner Soaps


Park Lane Jewelry

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