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The Summer Harvest is HERE

“Value is not made of money, but a tender balance of expectation and longing.” -Barbara Kingsolver

Preparations for market season began in February. Farmers, vendors, and market volunteers huddled in the Parsons Center as a light snow blanketed the Duck Pond outside. At the time our market did not even have a home for the upcoming season! There were many permits to write, logistics to organize, and events to plan. The sunshine, smiles, and bountiful harvest of market season seemed so far away.

With determination and optimism, our market volunteers began planning. Our farmers began planting. Our vendors began crafting. It was a hike up a mountain, but we made the most of the journey. We anticipated reaching the summit and sharing a beautiful view with YOU.

Are you ready?

This Saturday our farmers will offer an amazing summer harvest. We’ll welcome the first eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes to the market. Lars from Clover Nook will have juicy peaches and blueberries. Chris from Vauiso Farm is excited to share his five hearty varieties of lettuce with you. The Macri family from River Crest will offer colorful beets and rhubarb. There will be bushels of corn, baskets of broccoli, and boxes of fresh basil. From arugula to zucchini, you’ll find most of your summer favorites at the market this Saturday!

After picking your fruits and veggies, take in the acoustics of One Guitar One Bum. Share a recipe with a neighbor. Meet a new friend and celebrate the sunshine. We have come a long way from the snowy fields, and lonely grocery shopping trips, of February!

“It will be a pretty place and a pretty day.” Saturday, 9 to 1, Wasson Field. We cannot wait for you to be a part of it!

Saturday, July 27th

Temperatures in the 70s. Blue bird skies. A light breeze.

Expected Tents


Clover Nook Farm (veggies and fruits)

River Crest Farm (veggies, flowers, and duck eggs)

Vaiuso Farm (veggies and flowers)

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm (local, pasture-raised meats)

Prepared Foods:

Elm City Cookie

Scratch Baking

The Cookie Cutter

Food Truck:

Rita’s Pitas

Health and Wellness:

Herbal Deva

Sabatino Chiropractic

Home Goods and Gifts:

Crystal Beetham Art

Smithmade Essentials

Usborne Books

Beauty and Skincare:

Ridge Runner Soaps

Sue Glennon’s Daisy Blue


Park Lane Jewelry

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